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In today’s post, we will talk about Teen Patti Extra how you will be able to earn money by playing games and how you will transfer the earned money to your account. Nowadays, wishing for money has become like facing a lot of difficulties, everyone wants that we sit at home. If you can earn money, then you can definitely earn money sitting at home, you just have to play games and earn money, so let’s start.

About Teen Patti Extra App

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App NameTeen Patti Extra
Download LinkClick Here
Sign Up BonusUnlimited Rupees
Per Refer & Earn100 Rupees

Teen Patti Extra is a one teen Patti and rummy app in which many games like Teen Patti Rummy Ludo Dragon Vs Tiger Lucky Lottery etc. There are many other games in this Withdrawal is available within 24 hours with you will get Instant Withdrawal. There is also an option so that your money is received in your account in a few seconds. Add cash, you will be able to add money from your UPI or account, along with you get 24 hours of support.

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[Unlimited Bonus] RummyMost Apk Download | Holy Rummy Hack App

How to create account in Teen Patti Extra

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If you want to register in this game then you have to follow the easy steps given below. You can register on your mobile number everyone have mobile it is very easy you can read and follow the steps we have provided.

  • First of all download the app from the download link given below- Click Here
  • Then install and open .
  • Now create an account using your Facebook account or mobile number.
  • You will get instant ₹10 bonus on Refer and Earn and after click on sign in enter phone number and click on send, now an OTP will come, fill it in the box and click on confirm now. You will get a bonus of ₹ 20.
  • Now your account is successful.

How to Get Sign-Up Bonus in Teen Patti Extra

You will get a sign-up bonus when you create a new account in this application. If you download from the link given by us then you will get a bonus of Rs.30.

And not only this, you can also get 30% Lifetime Bonus in this app.

  • Download Teen Patti Extra APK. Install and open the app.
  • Now tap on the User icon.
  • Enter your phone number, password. Enter OT
  • Sign Up
  • You have now created your account

How To Refer & Earn In Hack Teen Patti Extra

With sign-up bonus in this app, you can get a bonus of Rs.20 on each of your friend’s invitations with the help of referrals and earning.

Not only that, you can also get 30% lifetime bonus when your friends recharge (add cash) in this app. Here you get multiple commission levels (Bronze, Silver, Hack, Platinum, Diamond) so that you can earn the best.

How To Add Cash In Teen Patti Extra

As we all know that to earn more money we also have to invest money then we have to add cash. For this you can use Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, other UPI as well as net banking or you can add cash with the help of mobile banking.

  • Step 1 To add Teen Patti Extra Cash, first click on Add Cash.
  • Step 2 Select the amount and click on Add Cash.
  • Step:3 Now a new page will open in the browser.
  • Step: 4 Select the payment option and click on Payment.

How to Withdrawal in Teen Patti Extra

If you want to withdraw money in Teen Patti Extra App, it is very easy to click on Withdraw button, fill your bank account details or UPI details carefully and click on Withdraw.

  1. Click on the Withdrawal option given above to withdraw Teen Patti Extra
  2. Now submit by entering your name and email id.
  3. After this enter the bank details and save.
  4. Now enter the withdrawal amount and withdraw money by clicking on the Withdraw button.

Minimum Withdrawal Rs.100

How To Play All Games In Teen Patti Extra

Dragon Vs Tiger : Friends Dragon Vs Tiger game is the most played card game on the internet. Many people play dragon vs tiger game to earn money. Dragon Vs Tiger game is very easy to play. Here you have to predict whether dragon will win or tiger. That is, the one who takes the most cards to the side is the winner of the game.

  • Bet: ₹10
  • Bet: ₹30
  • Bet: ₹70
  • Bet: ₹150
  • Bet: ₹350
  • Bet: ₹800
  • Bet: ₹1700
  • Bet: ₹3600
  • You can choose “Dragon” or “Tiger” to place a bet.

Bet on “Tiger”: 10. If the bet on “Tiger” does not win, the bet amount is selected: 30. If the bet on “Tiger” does not win, choose the bet amount: 70. If the bet on “Tiger” doesn’t win, choose a bet amount: 150. If the “Tiger” bet wins, adjust the investment amount;

Bet 10 again. One of them, after you have won, continues to choose 10 to bet again. Point Rummy (Teen Patti Extra ): Point Rummy is a very popular rummy game. You can play this game with 2 players and 6 players. You will get a table to play point rummy game. You can join this table and play games. To play point rummy game you have to choose 2 player or 6 player table. If you win the game here, then how many rupees are bet on this table, the more rupees you get.

Andar Bahar (Teen Patti Extra): Andar Bahar is a very popular card game. Under Bahar is a game that most of the people like. Because playing this game is very easy. All you have to do is guess which card will open in or out. If you guess correctly, you win the game here.

7Up Down (Teen Patti Extra ): 7Up Down is also a very popular game. You can play this game very easily. In this game you have to guess in a simple way whether the consumption is more or less than the number. If your guess is correct, you will get twice the amount you bet.

Zandi Munda (Tinpatti Hack): Zandi Munda is a very old and popular game. Zandi Munda is a type of gambling that is played with dice. In this you get dice to play the game. In this you get to eat, it is good to play the game. If you bet on eating briquettes. And if the food money opens up, you win the game. If you win the game, you will get 3 times the amount you deposited. That is, if you deposit ₹ 100 here and you win the game, you will get ₹ 300.

Car Roulette (Teen Patti Extra ): Car Roulette is a very interesting and excellent game. This game is very easy to play. To play this game, a table is opened in front of you, where you see different car vehicle logos. Now you have to click on the logo of the car on which you want to deposit money. If you stop the roulette on the logo here, you will be a winner.

Slots (Teen Patti Extra Download): Slots is a very popular online casino game. Here you will find slot machines to play the game. You see a lot of different symbols in this slot machine. Here we have to add three symbols by twisting them together. If your bet on the symbol matches the symbol, you win a cash prize here.

Fishing War (3 Patti Hack): Fishing War is a very interesting game. In this game you can earn money along with entertainment. In this game you have to shoot the fish. You believe this game will prove you the best game in Three Stripes game application.

Candy Party (Hack Hack): Candy Party is a game that is loved by everyone from kids to adults. Trust me, you will have a lot of fun playing Candy Party Game. This game is very easy to play here you have to match candidate sequel. And if you are the winner here then you can get cash prize.

Red Vs Black (Teen Patti Extra App): Red Vs Black is a very popular and fantastic card game. If you don’t know much about other card games then you can play this card game very easily. Here you have to make a simple guess whether the byte will open red or black. If you guess correctly, you win the game here.

3 Patti War (Teen Patti Extra ): 3 Patti War is a skill based card game. To play 3 Patti War game you will get a table where you can play Teen Patti game with your Apoji friends. You have the best card here, you will be able to win all the games here. To play this game, you must have a good knowledge of all the rules of the three strips game.

Hacken India (RummyMost Hack APK Download): You don’t need any skill to play Hacken India game. You can play this game very easily with this spin. Here you will find a machine in which you will see many different icons. If here 3 symbols come together in a row when you skin, you also win the game. And you will get 3 times the amount you bet.

Baccarat AB (Triple Hack): Baccarat AB game is very easy to play. Open the game in such a way that a table opens in front of you. The first (card card) will be opened there. Now you have to decide whether the card will be opened from the inside or outside, if your guess is correct then you can win the game here.

Wingo Lottery (Teen Patti Extra Game): Wingo Lottery is a type of gambling game where the game completely depends on your luck. Here you don’t need to bet on red and blue balls or you can also bet on numbers if you want. If you guess correctly, you win the game. When you win the game, you get 3 times the cash value.

AK47 (Teen Patti Extra t): AK47 game is also a complete gambling game. If you want to play this game then first you have to know all the rules of AK47 game very well. Once you learn how to play this three card game, you can be sure that you will have a lot of fun playing the game here.

How to Earn Money in Teen Patti Extra By Refer and Earn

Friends, just like you earn money by sharing in Taurus app, you can also earn by referral in Hack Teen Patti. Teen Patti Extra Game, you will see an option of REFER & EARN on the left side, click there to refer and earn, then a separate page will open,

there you have to sing by mobile number. To sign in you will see SINGIN written, click on it, then enter mobile number and enter 4 digit OTP, now your refer and earn account has been created. Now you can invite your friends by copying your referral link. Either directly from there you will get the option of ‘WhatsApp’, by clicking there you can send the ‘Invite Link’. Directly on WhatsApp too.

  • Step 1 First of all click on Refer and Earn option.
  • Step 2 Now share your link on WhatsApp and Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and invite friends.
  • Step:3 When someone downloads, registers and recharges from your link, you will get 30 percent commission.
  • Step: 4 Friends, if someone downloads and registers from the link sent by you, then you will get Rs 20 immediately.
  • Step: 5
  • After this, if he recharges then he will get 30 percent commission.
  • Step:6 Then the more people you invite, the more money you will get.

What is The Refer And Earn Program in Teen Patti Extra App, (Commission Rules in Teen Patti Extra Game)

View Programs and Earn: In this program you can create unique referral links that invite your promotional viewers to register and play games under the Three Stripes Hack banner. Anyone who clicks on the link and completes

the registration will automatically be classified as your referee. Any game that a user plays under Threepatti Hack, whether they win or lose, you will earn a commission on all bets placed. You only need one link to get commission from all your users.

How to join the ‘Refer & Earn’ Program in Hack Teen Patti

  1. Industry vloggers, community group owners, or self-publishers with less than 5.00 people or less than 1,000 followers.
  2. Have lots of free time and be able to stay active and energetic in the community for long periods of time.

How Much Commission Can You Get in Teen Patti Extra

  • Super High Rebate – Get up to 1% off on ongoing earnings.
  • High Guarantee – Guaranteed monthly income of Rs 200,000 with a minimum guaranteed income of Rs 20,000.
  • Higher Bonus – and additional community rewards gaming bounce equivalent to Rs 50,000 per month.
  • SPECIAL REWARDS – A customized “Agent of Taurus App” badge of honor and a special “Game Agent Peripheral Gift Pack”.
  • Priority Entry – Priority will be given to top performing agents applying to join the Game Manager team.
  • Special Classes – Teen Patti Extra educates beginners and encourages conversions, and agents count on discounts and bonuses.
  • Super discount benefits. – Threepatti will pay up to 30% commission to the Hack agent.

Three tier commission discount. – Teen Patti Extra will pay agent three levels of commission

Step Base Salary. – Hack Division / Diamond Division will get fixed monthly salary on completion of monthly flow work.

guarantee system. – Tinpatti will guarantee monthly profit to Teen Patti Extra Division.

During the promotion period, the agent will be ranked according to his personal profit (three-tier discount) every month, if the agent in the respective category does not reach the guaranteed amount in monthly settlement, each rank will have an equal guaranteed amount. The monthly profit of the agent concerned will be directly added to the guaranteed amount, if it is more than that, the actual profit will be fixed without any limit.

Monthly bonus plan. – 3 Patti Hack game according to the new scale of the team’s bridge, Teen Patti Extra according to the actual situation of each month new incentive rewards, activity incentive rewards, flow contribution rewards, team contribution rewards and also bonus distribution scheme to receive other bonuses will determine. Promotion effect, secondary flows and community size.

Prize distribution. – Three-level commission discount: settle once a day at 0:00, the reward will be automatically distributed to the game account;

Ranking guarantee mechanism: the prize will be issued to the game account after review, in accordance with the rules, after monthly announcement and settlement;

The discount will be credited directly to the in-game cash account, which can be converted into an in-game deposit or withdrawn directly. Channel fees and taxes generated after withdrawal are shared with the authority (5% handling fee is charged).

Best Promotion Methods of Teen Patti Extra

  • Social Media (Facebook\ Whatsapp \Youtube \Instargam \Twitter\Telegram……) posting promotional videos/images and download links.
  • Talk daily with the friends around you so that they can be promoted and subordinated properly.
  • While walking, if you see people lined up to play cards offline, ask if you want to transfer to Teacup Hack to play the game.
  • Write articles about what you have learned after becoming a promoter and take advantage of them to post on blogs, …… in any way you like.

FAQs of Teen Patti Extra Apk

Q1. Who is the owner of Teen Patti Extra Apk?

Answer: Teen Patti Extra Game Application Owner Taurus Cash Pvt Ltd This platform develops many casino game applications.

Question 2. How much welcome bonus can I get in Teen Patti Extra game?

Answer: Teen Rummy player gets various bonuses every month. Welcome bonus, joining bonus and starting bonus are different words for the same thing. You get Rs.21 (Cash+Bonus) on your first sign-up. You can start playing Cash Table right away. Then when you deposit, you get a higher value of your deposit with no deposit bonus and extra cash. Read more about the latest promotions here.

Q3. Is my money safe in the Teen Patti Extra game?

Answer: Yes. We at RummyMost follow the strongest policy to secure all player information and credentials. Rain Games, the creator of the Hack 3 strip, has a comprehensive information security program and information security policy that includes managerial, technical, operational and physical security control measures adopted by Taurus Cash to protect sensitive personal data and other personal information.

Question 4. Is Teen Patti Extra App Legit?

Answer: RummyMost assures you that the game is 100% legal, safe and secure.

Question 5. When will I receive my winnings in my account/wallet?

Answer: If you play RummyMost game, you will get your winnings instantly in your Hack account. Once you have received the money in your RummyMost account, you can immediately withdraw it to your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account. No hidden fees or additional conditions apply when you withdraw your winnings.

Question 6. Are there any fees or charges on cash withdrawal?

not answer. There is no processing fee on any amount withdrawn. We want to make withdrawal easy and intuitive for our playing users.

Question 7. What is the VIP program at Teen Patti Extra ?

The VIP program at the North Teen Patti Extra begins at VIP level 4 and above. In this, players of VIP level 4 and above have to deposit maximum bonus in a month.

Question 8. What is the deposit bonus in Teen Patti Extra ?

Answer: A bonus which is given to the player in addition to their deposit amount is called deposit bonus. Users can choose any offer available for deposit bonus at the time of transaction to add money. Deposit bonuses can be used if there is no balance available between your winning balance and the deposit balance.

1.How to earn commission?

Four ways to earn huge commissions in Taurus; Invite your friends to download apps, you can get commission from invitation. Normally it is ₹20 per person.

You can earn commission up to 30% of each recharge of your referrals by doing 1 recharge. The commission is valid forever. The higher you are in Division 2, the higher your percentage.

You can also earn commission from affiliates 3 , which means you can earn commission from referrals of your affiliates; The more splits you make, the more commission you will earn.

When you reach the Silver Division, you can buy discount chips at discount stores and trade with your referrals. So you can make up to 20% profit on the price difference. The more you divide, the higher the discount rate you get. ,

How to invite your friends?

Share game via social media or share referral link to your friends. You get commission after your friends click on promotional links, download and install the game. Installation must be completed through the referral link. Sharing app packages through sharealt etc is not allowed. This app is available for Android users. App for iOS is coming soon.

What is the purpose of partition?

All promoters are divided into five divisions from lowest to highest: Bronze Division, Silver Division, Hack Division, Platinum Division and Diamond Division. The higher your division, the more ways you can earn commission.

The more you divide, the more percentage you will get as commission on recharging. The more you split, the more commission you will get from affiliates.

How to upgrade your section?

If you bring more referrals to the game and recharge it more you will have a higher split. If you have exceptional promotional potential with the channel, please contact our Customer Service Center to verify your split. We will regularly check the quality of our promoters and those ineligible promoters will be demoted.

How to grow your referrals into affiliates?

Sign in to the Taurus website and share your referral link on the home page to your friend. Guide them to register with the link, then they will become your ally. Encourage your referrals to invite your friends to play the game, then your referrals will become your allies. Share more promotional methods with your affiliates, so that they can grow their referrals faster and your commissions will also increase.

How to earn commission from your affiliates?

You will get a percentage of the commission from your affiliate commission. The commissions you receive from your affiliates are paid through our financial account and will not affect your affiliates’ commissions.

The and Final Word

So friends this was one important thing related to Teen Patti Extra , which you must have understood now and soon the company will refund all the money in Teen Patti Extra , so don’t worry about your money. If you liked this post, do share it with your friends and family.

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